As a Business owner, I understand the importance of keeping costs down to maintain the highest amount of profits within company. When I realize I need someones services, I do my research to find who the best person is to take on the task. Pricing is always an issue and I want to get the best price I can for what I’m paying for. However, there are boundaries that I do not cross.

Here are some thoughts on how to hire a consultant:

  1. What is your budget?
  • Hiring a consultant costs money. Although you want the best price, we do need to get paid. That is how we stay in business.
  • Research the certification(s) you aspire on getting, talking to different consultants on their process and how long it takes to complete, it must be within your budget?
  • Example: If you are looking to purchase a new computer and your budget is $1,000, do you look at computers worth more than that?

2. What Certifications are you seeking?

  • Not all Certifications are created equal. Certifications vary in complexity. Some take less time while others like the 8a are complex and require lots of work.
  • As consultants we have a threshold on what we can charge to make the work worth our while.

I received a call from a prospective client last week seeking the 8a certification. Mind you, it takes anywhere between 20-60 hours to complete depending on owners, affiliate businesses etc. The client wanted to pay the same price as the Women Owned Small Business Certification program.

Every week ,we receive phone calls from prospective clients seeking our services. We are always eager to help other Small Businesses achieve greater success. We typically give more information than we need to in order to gain more confidence from them. There are times, however, that realizing your request and the expertise involved, will come at a price.

Last week I received a call from a client calling me to compare prices. That of course in itself is fine, but knowing the experience and expertise involved, you need to respect the person on the other end. I never compromise my skills and experience. I am always looking to learn new things, but when someone is an expert in their field, with proven results, you need to respect that.

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