On December 3, 2013, I wrote a blog article regarding acquiring a DUNS number for FREE. Recently, we were hired by a client to assist them in applying for WBENC’s Womens Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification. Once of the first steps is to make certain that their DUNS information is accurate. In this case it was not, so I advised the client to contact DUNS to have it changed.

Client made the necessary calls and e-mailed me back telling me that the agency he called is asking $9,000 to make the changes happen. I automatically thought to myself that he did not call DUNS, rather a company not associated with them. The client also told me that he initially paid them $1,200 to obtain the DUNS number and that he feels he is being “extorted”. As our December 2013 articles states, getting a DUNS number is FREE. I then proceeded to give the correct DUNS contact information and within a few hours he changed his information to accurately reflect his current business structure.

I have decided to revisit the article I wrote in 2013 regarding the DUNS number again in hopes that Small Businesses do not fall in to the trap of paying companies misrepresenting themselves as Government Agencies. Small Businesses rely on Companies like ours to give them sound advice and help them grow their business and some posing as federal agencies give us a bad name.

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