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2014 was a great year for us. Since our services are geared toward Small Businesses, we have seen them thriving more this year than the previous 7 years. Perhaps it is due to the change in the Economy or perhaps people are understanding the benefits of obtaining their Certifications more than before. What ever the reason may be, Small Business Community Consultants, Inc. has helped more businesses this year in obtaining their Federal, State and Local Certifications than ever before.

You may have read our National Press Release for the first half of the year (click here to read), which outlined our accomplishments of 13 approved certifications, including:

  • 8(a) Certification————————————– 1
  • DBE Certifications———————————— 2
  • WOSB Certifications——————————— 4
  • SB Certifications————————————– 3
  • DVBE Certifications———————————- 1
  • WBE Certifications———————————– 2

TOTAL:                                                          13

We are happy to announce that we were able to approved 17 more Certifications for the remainder of the year giving us a total of 30 approved Certifications. Our total numbers for the year are as follows:

  • 8(a) Certifications———————————– 2
  • DBE Certifications———————————- 5
  • SBE Certifications———————————- 4
  • WOSB Certifications——————————- 7
  • WBE Certifications——————————— 2
  • SB Certifications———————————– 9
  • DVBE Certifications——————————- 1

TOTAL:                                                          30

As we head in to 2015, we have 28 certifications that are either submitted waiting for approval, or are in the process of being submitted. Below is a list of our “in process” Certifications heading in to next year.

  • 8(a) Certifications———————————– 5
  • DBE Certifications———————————- 9
  • SBE Certifications———————————- 8
  • WOSB Certifications——————————-1
  • WBE Certifications——————————— 2
  • SB Certifications———————————– 1
  • MBE Certification———————————- 2

TOTAL:                                                          28

In 2015, we are looking to offer new and exciting services to our clients, including but not limited to, access to local, State and Federal Contracting opportunities as well as Seminars. We will also be launching a new website which will be more user friendly and will give our clients the ability to learn and educate themselves prior to starting the Certification process.

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Paul Mazbanian
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