If any of you have tried obtaining any Federal Certification, you are already aware that the first step is to obtain a DUNS number. It is first important however to understand what a DUNS number is and what is it used for.

What is a DUNS Number?

Data Universal Numbering System also known as DUNS is regulated by Dun and Bradsreet (D&B).  D&B uses this unique 9 digit number to identify each business separately and to maintain their business credit standing.

Federal agencies will require a firm to have a DUNS number prior to becoming vendors with them. Getting a DUNS number is FREE although many companies will try to charge you up to $1,000 to get one.

Follow the following link:

https://iupdate.dnb.com/iUpdate/viewiUpdateHome.htm and begin the process. Once completed, a DUNS number will be assigned to you within 48 hours at NO CHARGE.

We encourage you not to trust firms who insist on charging for the DUNS number.

To learn more about Government Contracting and how to obtain a Federal or State Business Certification, please visit our website at www.sbcconsultantsinc.com/ and click on the Certifications link.

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