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Once you obtain your Federal and/or State Certifications you have to be proactive in recognizing new opportunities to be able to bid and win contracts.  Becoming certified means that you will be added to a database along with other certified companies offering similar products. So what happens once you are certified? How do you get bid and win contracts? Below you will find some tips on how to market to the Government once you have already obtained your Certifications.

How to Market to the Government:

  1. Although you are added to the database, it is important for you to market your product to state and federal agencies. Contact the Small Business Advocate for each agency and introduce yourself.
  2. The first thing you need to do is Contact the Small Business Advocate for each agency first. “To get the contract make the contact”. When sending e-mails DO NOT highlight all e-mail addresses and do a mass email. You always want to make a personal connection.
  3. Prepare a 30- second elevator speech which includes name, business name, supplier id number and what you do.
  4. Advocates talk among themselves, so they are always in the loop. Have your supplier id on your business cards, emails etc. so they know who you are. Your supplier id identifies you in the procurement world, thus having your number on your business cards, website, emails etc. will help them search for you in their database.
  5. Find out what agencies buy and the dollar amount of the contracts. By doing this you can pin point which agencies to target first, knowing very well they are already contracting within your respective industry.
  6. Maximize your Federal/State certification by contacting your Government and industry partners.
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