If you are new to the 8(a) program, you have probably heard that there is an annual review which the SBA requires each 8(a) certified firm to submit. The annual review is due within 30 days of the close of each program year.

This may seem daunting for some, who if recently got in to the program, to go through another treacherous process. The annual review is required for the SBA to determine the firm is still within the parameters of the program. This means, that the firm and its owners are within the required financial restrictions. In order for it to be easier on the owners and the firm, it is recommended to prepare the documents before hand.

Beginning in early 2018, the annual review will be completed online, via the www.certify.sba website. This eliminates the tedious printing and e-mailing of documents to the proper authorities. The SBA has created this system to streamline the process and make it easier for both the client and the review team.