SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program


SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program

8(a) Business Development Program:

Designed to help socially and economically disadvantaged businesses, the 8(a) Business Development Program helps entrepreneurs gain access to new economic opportunities. The goal of the program is to assist companies to thrive in a competitive business environment. This initiative, which originated out of Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act, provides participants with access to an array of business development services, including the opportunity to receive federal contracts.
How we help you:

Our experts guide you through the certification process from beginning to end, ensuring the best chance of a successful 8(a) application. As an approved 8(a) recipient, the opportunities to obtain government contracts are endless.

Accuracy is our ultimate goal. An inconsistent application can make all future applications more difficult. This is why accuracy is extremely important on your first submission. To ensure a successful outcome, SBC Consultants, Inc. dedicates time and attention to each application.

The 8(a) Business Development Certification is primarily set up for minority owned businesses and businesses in historically underutilized zones. That is why those who fit in this category should apply.

The length of time for the SBA to review your application and arrive at a decision depends entirely on the applicant and how efficiently they provide the requested information to us. Regulatory time frames are 90 days for a response from a completed 8(a) application. It is in the client’s best interest to ensure that the package mailed to the SBA is complete. A completed application is one that contains all the documentation necessary in order to render a final determination. SBC Consultants, Inc. ensures that the package is complete and ready for submittal.

You Deserve Our Service!!!

  • Our initial interview will consist of questions to ensure your company qualifies. This way, time is not wasted and efficiency is emphasized.
  • We will ensure that all required documentation is requested, completed and included in the package.
  • One of our financial specialists will assist with the preparation of any financial related documents, ensuring its accuracy.
  • Once the application is completed, and all required documents are gathered, one of our 8(a) professionals will thoroughly review the package and contact you.
  • Do to the details of the 8(a) program, SBC Consultants, Inc., much like the SBA, will pay close attention to the application and it’s supporting documentation for its accuracy.
  • Communication between the client and SBC Consultants, Inc. will be ongoing throughout the entire application process. By doing so, both parties work together toward the ultimate goal of certification.
  • We will work with you in preparing the economically and socially disadvantaged narrative. Due to our experience, the narrative will encompass everything the SBA requires for an approval.
  • Once complete, the package will be presented to the SBA in the most professional manner. We will present you with a copy, as well as send one to the SBA.
  • Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding an 8(a) application. Our professionals are trained in providing you with the service you need to become 8(a) certified.

Where to Begin:

Call us today at (818)551-9400. The first step in the process is to understand the complexity of the program and how we can make it easier for you throughout the process. We are like you, a small business trying to grow. We feel that it is our duty as a small business to assist other businesses in moving ahead and not overcharging. SBC Consultants, Inc. was founded as a small business and we pride ourselves on our work. Since 2007, We have built our company from the ground up solely on relationships and we intend to continue building on them.

Once these steps are completed, you are ready to begin the certification process.

Examples of Important forms and documents required:

    1. Economic Disadvantage Statement (EDS) – Due to the complexity and detail required to complete an application, the EDS is extremely important in the approval process. This statement must be written in an acceptable format for the SBA. While the package itself will prove to the government by sheer numbers and figures that you qualify, the EDS will describe to them how and explain your story in detail. Our job is to plead a case for you resulting in an approval.
    2. Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters Covered Transactions – A certification, which states that any past wrong doings by the applicant has been distant in time and remote in nature.
    3. Statement of Personal History – A statement which allows the SBA to see the history of the applicant.
    4. Transmutation Agreement – An agreement that must be notarized, the Transmuting Character of Personal Property must be completed if a Husband and Wife are partners in the company. This agreement does not require changes to the corporate articles but rather allows either spouse to transfer ownership in case of an emergency.
    5. Notarized Authorization Form – This form states that the information provided by the owners of the company is accurate and honest. This form must be notarized.

8(a) workshops:

Want to learn more about the 8(a) program prior to applying? Call us to see when our next seminar is being held. The seminar will focus on the qualification standards and what it takes to become 8(a) certified. Attending the seminar will give you an idea of how we are able to assist you throughout the process.

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